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I am Harjeet and I developed people to rise to their potential and got amazing results

As a former corporate manager of business and digital transformation I led teams of people and saw them grow to extraordinary levels of performance, producing great results for the business, themselves and for me.

The secret to high  performance levels and engagement laid with me, the manager and creating the conditions for people to thrive.

Achieving consistently high performance and results for over 10 years from people who loved their work I now share how managers can lead people to their potential and get outcomes that excel.

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I share how managers can develop their people to excel through my online course: Flourish- High impact people performance and potential.

“Managers lead people with their emotional selves, not their expertise”

Benefits that exceed expectation

The Triple Win

The organisation

Higher productivity, lower costs through reduced staff turnover, sickness and absenteeism, quicker recovery in economic downturn and competitive advantage through innovation & improved customer interactions.

The Manager

Meeting and exceeding targets, enhanced prospects for career progress, greater influencer power,  loyal and self-managing employees, making a difference to peoples’ lives.


High fulfilment and workplace happiness, enhanced mental and emotional wellbeing, improved career agility & prospects, continuous growth and achievement.

My Courses

My courses are founded on the principle of ‘inside out’ – developing inner emotional talent to create extraordinary outer presence and actions. They are innovative and create breakthrough results.


High impact people performance and potential

The flagship course for managers
who lead people 


Online workshop 

Aligning your authentic inner-self
with your outer style

Natural Mindfulness

Guided walks

Connecting with nature for

My Promises


I share my years of in depth exploration of human potential and fulfilment and how that is the fundamental of success in professional and personal life. Whether that is for managers and how they can develop people to extraordinary levels of performance and potential or personal empowerment and the fullest expression of your self, my experience comes from real life results and what really works. 


My training content is based on successful proven results and backed up by published research such as psychology and neuroscience to offer robust findings on how humans excel. It covers more than 20 years of exploring multiple disciplines to offer a truly holistic view of human emotional fulfilment.

Dedication to your results

My courses don’t only present knowledge and facts. I’ve designed them using the expert knowledge of how people learn best. They are focused on getting results through self-discovery, behavioural change, compelling evidence and inspiring case studies.

Working with me

I offer comprehensive online courses which can be purchased from this site. I also offer in person workshops when that becomes possible post-Covid. Organisations interested in consultancy or onsite workshops should contact me for more information.

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